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Wakhan FAQ - for Pax Pamir 2nd Edition

Does the Overthrow Rule apply to Wakhan? Yes, the overthrow affects Wakhan too.

How does Wakhan rule a region ? ERRATA: Do not use Wakhan's pragmatic loyalty to determine who rules in a region; instead, when assessing whether Wakhan is competing for control of a region, count her tribes and only the most numerous Armies of a single coalition in that region towards the number of her ruling pieces.


If Wakhan needs to choose a suit, which will she choose? Wakhan will always select the current favoured suit.


Will Wakhan betray her own cards? Yes she will, but only if they have a loyalty prize, and she will do so in Priority order.

Will Wakhan purchase/discard EVENT cards? Yes. When purchasing or discarding an event card, use the tie-breaker rules as needed (e.g. if she must pick a Location, select the first appropriate location from the left in the list of locations shown at the bottom of the current AI card.)

If there is a Dominance Check in the market and one coalition is dominant but Wakhan cannot purchase a Patriot loyal to the dominant coalition, what does she do? She will purchase the cheapest card with the most Army and/or Road impact icons, even if the "most" is zero.

If there is a Dominance Check in the market and no coalition is dominant but Wakhan cannot purchase a card with any Spies/Tribes, what does she do? She will purchase the card in the 0 spot with the highest card number. Unofficial Errata: instead, purchase the card that will net her the most coins; only then use the cheapest card with the highest card number as the fallback tie-breaker.

If there is a Dominance Check in the market and Wakhan is doing a Radicalize with specific instructions, what does she do? She follows the specific instructions despite there being a Dominance Check in the market. However, Wakhan's Ambition overrides this.

What do you do when Wakhan gets cards in her 'hand' from the Event card Other Persuasive Methods ? Any time Wakhan ends up with cards in her 'hand', immediately replay them one by one in a random order back to her tableaux, acting out the Impact Icons as they are played.


Will Wakhan Battle only in locations where there are player tribes? Wakhan will Battle in a region where another player has pieces of any kind (tribes, armies or roads), and she has at least one army of her Pragmatic Loyalty. If there is no such region, should will battle on court cards using her spies.


When Wakhan plays a patriot that places blocks, what color do they place, the ones matching the card or matching the AI card? Ignore the colour of the Patriot. Wakhan always places blocks based on Pragmatic Loyalty.


Wakhan has to place a unit but has none, so what does she do? As per player rules, Wakhan will take a block or cylinder from elsewhere. Remove tribes first, then armies, then roads and then spies, in that order. Use the current AI card to decide between locations of Tribes, Armies and Roads removed. For Spies, use card priority order.

Does Wakhan get the base 1 influence for being loyal to the dominant coalition? Yes; just like a regular player, Wakhan's influence in a dominant coalition is equal to one plus the number of patriots of that coalition in her court, the number of prizes matching that coalition she has collected, and the number of her gifts.

Can you make Wakhan spend her money a little smarter? - Yes. This is a variant you will not find in the printed rules, but one which I always play with; so much so that I am calling it an"OFFICIAL ERRATA": When using the Red and Black arrows to radicalise, after she has chosen her card but before committing to buy it, if there is a cheaper card in the market of the same suit and of equal or higher rank, then she will radicalise that card instead.

Pax Pamir 2nd Edition is designed by Cole Wehrle and published by Wehrlegig Games

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