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Setup the solitaire game as per Part C for two players, but your opponent is Díaz himself. You will need two 6-sided dice. You go first.
• Díaz gets no gold, no Hacendado card, no hand cards, does not use cubes other than white Extorsion cubes, and he starts with zero prestige points.


1. Díaz Turn. On his turn, roll 2d6 twice for Díaz, once for each row in the Market[v]. Díaz always buys the two cards indicated by the dice-rolls, with the zero-cost column corresponding to a “7”, the 1-cost column corresponding to a “6” or “8”, the 2-cost column to a “5” or “9”, the 4-cost column to a “4” or “10”, the 8-cost column to a “3” or “11”, and the 16-cost column corresponding to a “2” or “12”. He plays both cards per below, in the order purchased. He does not spend any gold for buying or playing.
• If it is a Topple, Díaz discards it.
• If it’s an enterprise with a Prestige icon (including Slave Revolts), Díaz plays it to his Tableau. He discards other enterprises.
• If it is a partner, Diaz plays it into his Tableau. If it has two Orientations (i.e. Newspapers), select the Orientation that gives Díaz a prestige point you have the most of, and that Diaz has the least of to break a tie, else randomly . Diaz gains the abilities conferred by GeneralsGovernors and Federal Courts. All other Partners do NOTHING other than add Prestige.
• If it is a Headline, Díaz plays it on its “event” Orientation if it changes the Regime to Pax Porfiriana, otherwise (or if the regime is already Pax Porfiriana) he discards it. Díaz is unaffected by Headline effects except Strife and Regime Change.
• If it is a troop card that can extort an enterprise of yours, he does so. Use a white cube to show the Díaz extortion, although he gets no income from this. If his troop cannot extort, he deploys to one of his own enterprises if possible. Discard if not playable.
• If it is an Orange or Black card, Díaz plays it against you to nationalise an enterprise, steal gold or inflict Unrest, if possible. If you have no valid target, or when X=0, he plays it for strawman actions against his own partners/enterprises if possible. Discard if not playable. Cientificos: take the most expensive card with the highest number; Mormon Lumber: select the connection cube accoding to the Enterprise selection criteria; Sherman Antitrust Act: Díaz has zero Income Cubes, so he can target any US Enterprise.

• Ties. If Díaz plays a card against an enterprise, troop or partner, or to satisfy a selection from a black or orange card (e.g. Creel’s Land Law, Disobedience of the Generals), he chooses the eligible enterprise with the most player cubes, the eligible partner in your tableau with a Prestige Point that you have the most of, or the eligible partner in his tableau with a Prestige Point you have the least of. In case of further ties, he chooses the card with the least (or no) Unrest with the highest card number. When selecting a target Enterprise for a Troop, use the eligible Enterprise selection criteria.


2. Special Rules.
• If a Headline at the zero-cost column is discarded, it is played on its event Orientation if it changes the Regime to Pax Porfiriana. Díaz is unaffected by Headline effects except Strife and Regime Change. NOTE: If both zero-cost columns are occupied by Headlines,  you will decide the order in which they are discarded.
• You may speculate on cards, and receive gold from the bank if Díaz buys them.
 Díaz ignores the Jailed effect, but still keeps the Revolution point.
• Enterprises in Díaz’s tableau cannot be Sacked.
• If you are extorting an Enterprise in Díaz’s tableau, you will have an Extortion cube on your Extorting Troop for as long as the Enterprise income would be greater than zero. If your Extorting Troop loses its Extortion Cube then the Enterprise is Nationalized.
• Díaz does not have a Private Army, so his retreated troops are always discarded.
• To determine whether a Slave Revolt will occur at a Díaz Enterprise, assume the number of Income Cubes on the card is defined by the respective starting, current Regime, or current X income of the Enterprise.
• Any time Díaz takes a card into his “hand”, he plays it immediately, even if it is your turn.

• If Díaz is hit by Strife, always keep the Faction that nets Díaz the most Prestige (irrespective of type and ignoring the effects of unrest); roll the dice to see which Faction Color he discards in order to break a tie.
• To win. Topple Díaz during one of the four Topplings. The Diaz Tripartite consists of Great Britain with 2 Outrage, Diaz’s Vice-President (Ramón Corral) with 2 Prestige Points, and Diaz himself with 2 Prestige Points plus the Prestige Points of his In Play Cards and from the cards in his Grudge Pile. Note: During Toppling, as per the “Election Fraud” rules, Diaz will discard any and all “during toppling” cards if they add to the Prestige total of his Tripartite (as defined by the current Regime).


Pax Porfiriana


The living solo rules are available from Sierra Madre’s website on the downloads page. I have copied the solo rules section here and refined them to suit my own solitaire play, primarily to avoid any uncertainties with specific cards. The changes are subtle, but I think tighten everything up a bit. All rule changes from the Living Rules are highlighted in red.

The game is truly beautiful. I hope you get to try it and enjoy it.

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