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Villainous Vikings Solo Rules


GOAL: Amass as many Valhalla Points as possible.


SETUP: As per 2-player, choosing a Captain for one player, your opponent, as “Dummy”. Place 5 cards in the journey pool. No more than 5 cards may exist in the journey pool for the rest of the game.



Roll 1d6. Let’s call the result of this die-roll “L”.

Dummy will take the Lth journey card, from left to right, move his ship here, take the gold reward and Dummy turn ends. HOWEVER: if the player ship is already there, then a battle will ensue (see below) if the player decides to contest.


If the Lth journey card is an Asgard event then simply discard it and Dummy turn ends.

If there is no Lth  journey card (e.g. rolling a 6 with only 5 cards in the journey card pool), then Dummy will regroup in the Northlands. Dummy will recover the leftmost damaged section of their ship.


Dummy will always contest a location.

Dummy will sacrifice a location (with lowest VP value) as a shield if, and only if, it will prevent one of their ship sections getting damaged.


Dummy will sacrifice a location (with lowest VP value) as a sword if, and only if, doing so will take out an extra section of the player’s ship.


Roll the dice for Dummy, applying any Captain & Crew abilities as per normal.


Meanwhile, enjoy the film (ignore the rule about adding to the Journey Pool… this was a 1st edition rule, now removed).

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