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A card-drafting game from Genius Games, that will give you super little solo challenge. You will play against an automated opponent called Nitka, and seek to beat her score.



First decide whether you want to play with difficulty Easy, Normal or Hard.


Shuffle the deck and draw yourself a hand of 10 cards for Round 1. 

Each turn, in the following sequence:

  • Play a card to your ecosystem;

  • Discard a card to Nitka's ecosystem;

  • Draw a card

When discarding cards, play them into Nitka's ecosystem, creating a 5x4 grid as normal, starting at the top-left and proceeding left to right, and from the top down until you reach the bottom-right.

Whenever you complete a 5-card row in Nitka's ecosystem, draw 5 cards instead of 1, increasing your hand-size for the next round. Thus you will play 4 rounds to complete your (and Nitka's) 20-card ecosystem. On the final round you do not need to draw any more cards, but will instead be left with 1 card in your hand, which can be discarded for no effect.

During final scoring, score your play area as normal, and then deduct the value of Nitka's play area from your score. When calculating Nitka's score, do not add or deduct any points for diversity.

Your target is to beat Nitka's score by :


30 points or more for Easy difficulty

40 points or more for Medium difficulty

50 points or more for Hard difficulty

If you are playing with the 2nd Edition rules (which includes 1pt scored for Rabbits), use these target scores instead:

30 points or more for Easy difficulty

50 points or more for Medium difficulty

70 points or more for Hard difficulty

Good luck!

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