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CYTOSIS Solo Rules


SETUP and play as per the 2-player rules, except:


Remove 4 event cards (not 2).

Do not use Goal cards.

Remove all Alcohol cards.

The soloist takes only one marker, for the score tracker.

Also take an additional set of 4 flasks.




During Phase 1 play only 4 flasks of a single colour.


At the start of Phase 2, leave all flasks you played this turn on the board; these flasks will be taking up spots for next turn. Instead recover the 4 flasks of the other colour that you played on the previous turn.


After the first turn of the game, simply switch to using the other colour for turn 2, and alternate every turn for the rest of the game.


Unlike the regular game you may only use each Grey Flask ONCE PER GAME but you MAY use them both on the same turn.



Try to reach a score of 50 points to win the game. 

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