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ARES ended up being the Box of Delights publisher of the year in 2014. In this year, as well as two games already on this list (The Battle of Five Armies and Dino Race) they gave us the co-operative game and solitaire favourite Galaxy Defenders . We saw the original game and two expansions fund through Kickstarter, and a new game system that grew and grew. In the following year we got more as they picked up the license for FFG’s Conan game.


More recently they delivered a classic fantasy game in much the same style as those previous games, in Swords & Sorcery. Their staple though is The Lord of the Rings franchise, with huge hits like War of the Ring and Hunt for the Ring.


This publisher founded relatively recently in 2011 and is building up a great library of quality games, with quality components and top quality rulebooks. If you haven’t already got an eye on what this Italian publisher is doing, you should do.

Dino Race

Galaxy Defenders

Sword & Sorcery

The Battle of Five Armies

War of the Ring (Second Edition)

War of the Ring: Warriors of Middle-Earth

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