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Azul is a super tile laying game designed by Michael Kiesling and published by Next Move Games. In this simple solo variant you are seeking to beat your best score, though I would like to challenge you to beat 85 points. Is 100 possible?!



Set up as per a 2-player game, but you only need one player board.

Place the 5 Factory displays in a row from left to right.

You will begin with the Starting Player Marker.


You will play as per the regular rules. However, a 'Dummy Player' will take a turn alternately with you. As per the regular rules, if Dummy is first to take a tile from the centre, then Dummy will also take the Starting Player Marker and will be first to take a turn on the subsequent round, placing this marker back in the centre of the table when doing so. Dummy does not score and does not build a wall. During the Factory Offer phase, tiles that Dummy picks are set aside in the box lid along with all other discarded tiles. The game will end after 5 rounds when the bag is empty.


Dummy takes the largest set of tiles of the same colour from the Factory Display. If more than one Factory Display has the largest set, choose the left-most Factory Display with the largest set. If that Factory Display has two sets of two tiles, choose one of those sets randomly. If the Factory Displays all contain singletons then choose the largest set from the centre of the table. If there is more than one largest set in the centre of the table, then choose one of them randomly. If the centre of the table also contains just singletons, choose one tile randomly from the leftmost Factory Display; however, if there are no tiles in the Factory Display then choose one tile randomly from the centre of the table.

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