Renegade Designer Diary

Many of you, if you follow my Facebook page, know I have been designing and developing a game called “Renegade”.

Renegade is a game for 1 to 4 players, and plays in about 45-120 minutes.

You will hack into a network of five servers, each of which is operated by one of four Super-Massive-Computers (SMCs). Each of these four SMCs bring their own style of defences and increasing complexity to defeat. Once you are hacked into an SMC’s servers, you will control an avatar that can move across the its partitions and fight to take control of the network by using informational, destructive, deceptive and cognitive attacks.

As followers of Box of Delights, I invite you to watch the game develop, with some designer diaries and video presentations.

Let’s start with a presentation of a playtest session of rules v2.0….