UKGE 2016 – Preview

300x250May is out, and June is in, which means it’s UK Games Expo time ! This year I have managed to set aside 4 days to see in the whole event. Look out for a full update after the event here on Box of Delights.

Meanwhile, let’s take a quick preview of the games I’m hoping to learn more about at the Expo…

pic2560621_mdStar Trek: Five-Year Mission
Publisher: Mayfair Games
Designer: David Witcher

A light-weight co-operative dice-placement game for 3-7 players. I get the impression this one will solo well as well, by controlling 3+ roles.

Reviews have not been great, but I’m keen to take a look and be convinced (and convince you) it’s a winner!


Esdevium are a UK based distributor who will be showcasing games from FFG, AEG and Z-Man amongst others. In particular I’m looking forward to seeing these four offerings:


Beyond Baker Street
Publisher: Z-Man
Designers: Robin Lees and Steve Mackenzie

A co-operative game in the vein of Hanabi. You’ll be solving a crime with a hand of cards only other players can see. The UKGE is great platform for the game to get a pre-release showing. Not one that will be soloable, but one worth looking out for as a neat co-op.

Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu
Publisher: Z-Man
Designers: Matt Leacock and Chuck Yager.

Of course! 45 copies going for grabs to lucky winners. I might get a glimpse of a sealed box….

pic2561229Dice City
Publisher: AEG
Designers: Vangelis Bagiartakis

The co-designer of Among the Stars brings us a “dice crafting” game… interested?! I’m not convinced we have a revolutionary new mechanism here, but it’s a good hook.Looking forward to hearing more, with support for 1-player written right there on the box!


pic2913811_mdMystic Vale
Publisher: AEG
Designers: John Clair

This one’s a deck-builder. No solo play, but AEG are giving us another “crafting” term. This time it’s “card crafting”. The cards in your deck begin life as transparent sleeves, and new parts can be built onto them as the game plays. So, it’s deck-building with a new dimension, where you craft the cards that become part of your deck. Neat ! Looking forward to seeing this one play.

pic2287580_mdBoard & Dice
Now two offerings from Board & Dice, a small independent publisher just starting out, but with a couple of cracking looking titles for us…


Designer: Manuel Carreia

Card drafting and hand management for 1-5 players. This is a real card game puzzle, a re-implementation of the Carreia’s Carousel format of games. This is a world premier and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

pic2402586The Curse of the Black Dice
Designer: Piotr Uzdowski

Co-operative mission solving for 2-4, and I’m keen to see if it will support solitaire play. Rolling dice and collecting sets, akin to Elder Sign but with a pirate theme? I’ll be reporting back on this one !

pic2374574_tThe Networks
Designer: Gil Hova
Publisher: Formal Ferret Games

This has been on my wishlist for some time. And now it’s here! High on my list this one. Solo card-drafting (it plays 1-5) with a new theme.

King’s Watch
Designer: Oliver Brooks
Publisher: Wotan Games

wotanheaderOne to look out for. Not sure how far along in development this one is (Wotan Games’ primary title will be War of the Nine Realms), but I’m keen to find out more about the schedule (and gameplay!).

Airfix Battles

Designers: Chris Birch, Nick Fallon, Alan Paull
Publisher: Mōdiphiüs Entertainment

pic2041956_tThe game I dreamt about as a kiddie. Yup, now I’m 44 and curious to find out what the kids today get that I did’t (apart from mobile phones and pulled pork).


Save The President, Save The World
Designers: Cyril Besnard, Alain Fondrille
Publisher: Geek Attitude Games

Possibly still a prototype – let’s wait and see. Plays 1-5, looks like it might be quite humorous as well as loaded with mechanics I like, such as Action Selection and Area Control. Not much being said about it and I’m curious about a game where a massive earthquake opens an inter-dimensional fault in front of the White House.

Geek Attitude will also be showing Taverna and Not Alone.

Pocket Codinca
Designers: Leonard Boyd, David Brashaw
Publisher: Backspindle Games

pic1431764The first game on my “to-buy” list. A neat little abstract, though it tells of Yucatan treasure hunters searching the temple of the lost city of Codinca. I really enjoyed Clacks, and this one also looks set to please.

pic2937209_mdIce Cool
Designer: Brian Gomez
Publisher: Brain Games

Penguins? Flicking, spinning and jumping? Fun fun fun in the snow.. I’m getting it for the kids, honest….

Legends Untold
Publisher: Inspiring Games

imageNow this one does look interesting.  1-8 co-op card driven GM-free adventure role-playing with a campaign system?? Show me how it works ! This will be Inspiring Games debut at the UKGE, so I wish them lots of luck. With the tag line, “The speed of a Card Game, The depth of an RPG”, I’m sold already.

And, of course, you should also check out these games which I have already covered on Box of Delights: