Top Solitaire Games

So you guys asked for a top-10 solitaire games… I’ve gone one better. Well, 20 better actually, so here are my top 30.

I will aim to do this annually, with the first posted back in Jan 2014, to give you my list of favourites up to the end of 2013.

There are undoubtedly many games which did not make the cut because either (a) I haven’t played, (b) I don’t own it, or (c) the list reflects my own personal taste.

You may find some surprising inclusions (e.g.Castle Panic from Fireside Games) and some which are lower down the list then you might expect (e.g. Sentinels of the Multiverse by Greater Than Games).

This is because I like different games for different occasions. When I want a light game, when my brain hurts from a long day at work, then I need something that is quick to set up, plays quickly, and doesn’t need a great deal of analysis; when I have a spare coupe of hours and want to get stuck into something deep, and burn some brain cells, well then I’ll reach for a different kind of game. My top 30 lists needs provide games to fit all those occasions, and if a game fits and gets more play-time because of it, then it makes the list. Also, for me, some of the games are good solitaire, but even better multi-player, so for me they spend less time on the table solo.

But hey, jump in, watch the videos, and find out why each game made its way onto the list !

As always, enjoy the show, and feel free to comment.

CLICK HERE FOR the TOP 30 for 2013 – published Jan 2014



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