Steam Donkey Solo Variant

A short while ago I made a Kickstarter preview for a game called DR Congo, from the Ragnar Brothers, a publishing house right here in the  UK. In that film I demo’ed a solo variant, something RB had not done before.

After the film, and after having given them some feedback on the rules, they asked if there were any other games in the library that could work with a solitaire variant.

It just so happened that the last game of theirs I kickstarted was called Steam Donkey, and it was ripe for solo play.


I had a tremendous amount of fun playing, testing, feeding back, playing, testing, feeding back… The solo game just kept me smiling and turned out being a good little distraction.

Steven Kendall of RB put the final changes in to give it some simplification and stream-lining, and I recommend you give it a go !

Here is a link where you can find the rules…