Too Many Bones Kickstarter Preview

L672c3dbb27f9d7dba4d6fd1e6bf4cc2a_originalaunched Feb 16th, the latest kickstarter from Chip Theory Games sees them delivering something new to sit alongside their Hoplomachus series.


You’ll recognise the chips and the neoprene mats, which are becoming a trade mark for brothers Adam and Josh Carlson.

The guys sent me a pre-release prototype so I could demo this to you, just about in time for the Kickstarter launch.

I hope you like the film and support the campaign – the game deserves it !

Thunderbirds – Co-Operative Board Game

pic2463521_md5….4….3….2….1….Thunderbirds are GO!!

You may either grab this game because you love the theme, or you may ignore it because of its theme. Either way, it’s the gameplay that’s this game’s big plus. If you’re starting out in gaming, you may want to consider this as a step up from Pandemic. It’s got that same feel, as you try to stay on top of the mounting pressure. But it’s tough, especially when you use the game’s in-built difficulty scaling and turn it up to max. But most of all, this game NEEDS co-operation. Same co-ops can be played without players paying to much attention to each other, but Thunderbirds is perhaps the co-op, of all I’ve played, those most demands co-operation between the players. Take a look at the film, and judge for yourself…