Top 100 Solo Game… #1

top100Here it is then folks, my number 1 solitaire game in the list of 100. Let me tell you where I started in gaming. I mean serious gaming, not Monopoly, or Ludo, not Snakes & Ladders or Sorry! I started real gaming when I was about 9 years old, and that was with Chess. Chess obsessed me for quite a few years. I found a book in the school library called Chess for Young Beginners (Collins, 1975).

It was full of colourful pictures of knights on horseback, with speach-bubbles shouting out the important rules and tactics. For the first time, an abstract game was something with a meaning, something with a theme. Those weren’t just pieces on a board, they were brave infantrymen and gallant knights, a proud king, and a fearless queen. They could be cunning, they could lay traps, they could use forked attacks and they could tempt their enemy with sacrifices before striking with an unseen blow.

Not until now has a game captured my imagination in the same way, and delivered that same level of abstract tactical play that had me puzzling over a board for hours on end as a child.

I have fond memories of the games of chess I played as a child with my Grandfather, so much more satisfying than with the kids at school or in tournaments. We enjoyed each other’s company, we bonded, and we both looked forward with anticipation to when we might play again. Whilst the mothers were gossiping over cups of tea, we were unleashing armies and out-thinking each other with cunning and guile. Now I’m a father myself, with a busy job and with a lot of time away from home, time out with friends to play games is a very rare opportunity. This is why my top 100 solitaire games exist, and why the game that’s sitting in the number 1 spot has taken a special place on my table. I discuss the growing passion for solo gaming here, so I shalln’t dwell on it any longer. Suffice to say, my number 1 game gives me the same challenge, the same hunger, the same enthusiasm I had as a child with Chess. At its heart it’s an abstract positional game, but each piece has its own stats, its own abilities, its own health and its own place on the battlefield. This time, though, the battlefield is an arena, and the game is……PART 11

Top 100 Solo Games – The TOP 10


I thought my top 10 was going to be easy, but you know, every day the games shift back and forth. In the end I had to set them down, and decided to order them according to how much joy they have brought me, as a solo gamer and games media creator. Those that made the top 10 work flawlessly, or if they have flaws they only add to their charm. There should be a game for everyone here, but all of them are games for me. Remember what I told you back in part 1 ? …. you will disagree, you should disagree, but if you want to know what has stood the test with me, then here are my final 10…

Here are the final choices for the TOP 10…..PART 10

Top 100 Solitaire Games (2015) – #20 to #11

top100Wow! Top 20 time! It was tough sorting out those that just missed on the top 10 list, and I’ve re-ordered this list many times. The order that stuck is the order that felt most comfortable. These are all beauties. They are all staying in my collection. These are the 20 games I’m taking with me. I think they show diversity too, which reflects the fact I struggled to order them. There are games for all moods and all occasions. There are games I enjoy multi-player and games I enjoy solo. Our criteria is solo play, and this is where we see the stars of the solitaire show…

Let’s take a look at the final choices for #20-11: PART 9

BrilliAnts Preview

Here at Box of Delights we love to play and present family games. This one is for 1-6 which is great because it means I can demo solitaire. The artwork is fantastic for the family because it doesn’t look like a science book. This means the kids will want to play without thinking they’re having another school lesson, but the budding scientists will love the strong theme.

You can back the kickstarter here

Enjoy the film!

Niña & Pinta

Ragnar Brothers are the epitome of British independent design and publishing. Imaginative designs, self penned, self developed and self signed, sealed and delivered. Their offshore production is working well, supported by the artwork of Marco Primo all the way from South America. You’ll have seen some of Marco’s other work in Carcasonne and Dominion.

Their latest Kickstarted project is “The first Quantum Game” Niña & Pinta. In this video I demonstrate the solitaire rules part-way through development. I’ll let the film do the rest of the talking….