LEMBITU by Aigar Alaveer

At the end of May 2015 I went to the UK Games Expo on the hunt for some new solo games to show you, in particular from UK and the rest of Europe. I found one I really liked, bought a copy, chatted with the designer, and shortly after put together a video series for you to see how it plays. I hope you like it !

2D6.EE Games is a boardgame publisher from Estonia

Taken from the 2d6 website:

It’s the dawn of the Livonian Crusade, and Estonia is being conquered by several nations. The Danish forces of Valdemar the Great are arriving from the West. The Crusaders, led by Bishop Albert, are crossing the borders from the South. Vsevolod, Prince of Novgorod, is attacking from the East. There’s only one hope for Estonians: Lembitu, the leader, who is brave enough to fight against all the conquerors.

Lembitu is a co-operative board game inspired by the events of the Livonian Crusade in Estonia. Players are in the role of generals, fighting against conquerers and initiating rebellions. Actions can be used for movement, fighting or uprisings — but as each player has only a limited number of actions, they must plan carefully. The direction and speed of enemy movement is decided by dice, but the enemy’s ultimate goal is to reach Paide. If they don’t reach it within a fixed amount of turns, the players win.”



pic435842pic1659489High Command from Privateer Press is a deckbuilder and deck-construction game (there are a tonne of expansions!) set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. Primarily a 2-4 player contest, Box of Delights has created a satisfying solo variant to allow you to build and test your own decks and get some game-play in solitaire.

The rules were tested on the Faith & Fortune big-box expansion, pic2046586_mdwhich I think is the best offering so far. If I were to recommend a single box to start in this world then it would be the F&F expansion, which can be freely combined with the other sets at a later date.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post here. Enjoy !

High Command Solo Rules

Set up as per normal game with these exceptions:
1.1 Put 3 locations into play.
1.2 Create a random dummy deck of 48 cards, 12 from each of 4 different detachment colours from one faction (do not use Basic Resources or Warcasters for Dummy) and place it to one side to form the Dummy Draw Deck.

2.1 As the ONLY player, You will be first player.

A. Capture Step
3.1 If Dummy can capture a location, he will do so, and gain tokens equal to the unmodified VP of the location. Occupying forces and locations are added to Dummy’s occupying forces deck.

B. Orders Step
4.1 Complete each step, for each location from left to right, before moving on to the next step:
4.1.1 STEP 1 If a location has zero Dummy army cards then draw and DEPLOY one Dummy army card to that location.
4.1.2 STEP 2 If Dummy has 1 or more army cards at a location, and there are no Player army cards there, then give Dummy 1 token
4.1.3 STEP 3 If Dummy has 1 or more army cards at a location and there are 1 or more Player army cards at that location, then draw and DEPLOY one Dummy army card there.
4.1.4 STEP 4 If Dummy has 7 or more tokens, then immediately draw and RUSH a Dummy army card to a random location and discard 7 tokens. Repeat as long as Dummy has 7 or more tokens.

4.2 NOTE: Dummy can Rush/Deploy from the first turn of the game

C. Battle Step
5.1 Play as normal, but the Player will, by default, determine the order in which battles are resolved.

6.1 Dummy’s draw deck represents both Dummy’s Army deck and Reinforcement deck.
6.2 Dummy has no hand, so if an effect asks Dummy to discard, then instead discard a card from his draw deck. If an effect asks that it be a card of a certain type and the discarded card does not match that type, then ignore the effect.
6.3 Dummy has no Reserves, so ignore any effect that refers to his Reserves.
6.4 Any time Dummy draws a Resource card, add 1 token and draw again.
6.5 If Dummy’s draw deck is empty and must be drawn from, reshuffle his discard pile to form a new draw deck.
6.6 If Dummy is able to rush or deploy from his discard pile then he will.
6.7 If an effect causes Dummy to reduce the cost of a deployed or rushed army card, dummy takes 1 token for each CMD/WAR ( this includes WoW effects) the cost is reduced by.
6.8 If Dummy is told to gain 1 VP, give Dummy 1 token (for each VP) instead.
6.9 If Dummy tries to deploy or rush a card but is unable to deploy or rush that card, recycle it (i.e. place the card face-down on the bottom of the draw deck) and skip the deployment/rush (but do NOT discard any tokens).
6.10 Any effects which add a card to Dummy’s hand (e.g. “Draw a card”), instead add 1 token, and the card that would be added to Dummy’s hand is instead discarded.
6.11 Dummy will gain 1 token for each Player army card destroyed.
6.12 If Dummy is given the option to do something, then he always will, even if the impact is negative.

7.0 Priority is given by the following table:
7.0.1 Most VP
7.0.2 Highest RUSH cost
7.0.3 Highest Power
7.0.4 Highest Health
7.0.5 Fewest Detachment Pips* (*where applicable)
7.0.6 Randomly
7.1 Dummy will assign his damage to your army cards [that can be destroyed] in the order given in 7.0
7.2 Dummy will prioritise his own cards in the order given in 7.0 (e.g. if Dummy must select a card to put into play from his discard pile then he will choose the highest ranking card first)
7.3 Dummy will protect his own cards in the order given in 7.0 (e.g. if Dummy must choose a card to destroy, those cards of lower ranking will be chosen first).

8.0 Priority is given by the following table:
8.0.1 Most VPs
8.0.2 Most Dummy Army cards
8.0.3 Randomly
8.1 If Dummy is asked to move one of his Army cards from a location, he will choose to move from the lowest ranking location according to table 8.0
8.2 If Dummy is asked to move one of his Army cards to a location, he will choose the highest ranking location.
8.3 If Dummy is asked to move a Player Army card from a location, he will choose to move from the highest ranking location.
8.4 If Dummy is asked to move a Player Army card to a location, he will choose to move to the lowest ranking location.

9.1 The game ends as per normal rules
9.2 Count the number of VPs in Dummy’s Occupying Forces deck only (remember this includes his Locations).
9.3 Count the number of VPs in your Occupying Forces deck PLUS any VPs from any Locations in your hand, army deck or discard pile.
9.4 Your score is your VP total minus Dummy’s VP total.

This is tough – Good luck !