The Battle of Five Armies begins…

The stalwart warriors of the Free Peoples – Elves, Dwarves and Men – formed an uneasy alliance to defend the Lonely Mountain and the treasure of Smaug. Now, they are facing the endless horde of minions of the Necromancer. The Shadow Armies, led by Bolg, son of Azog, are going to sweep the ruins of Dale and the Front Gate with an unstoppable onslaught.

Will the Goblins come through the mountain soon enough to overwhelm the Free Peoples with a two-pronged attack? Can the arrival of Beorn, the skin-changer, turn the tide in favor of the Free Peoples? Will the coming of the Eagles stop the Goblins from crossing the mountain?

A Quick Peek at The Battle of Five Armies in progress

Just a quick look at the game “The Battle of Five Armies” being filmed and edited for the start of a new series.

I’m in the process of editing the first episode, which is made up of around 65 separate clips making up about 1.5 hours of video, which are to be editing together to create a single episode.

Yes, it’s a lot of work with one camera and an iMac which could really do with an upgrade, but it is still one of the best parts of the hobby. Even if everyone stopped watching I’d still make these little films !


Mythotopia by Martin Wallace & Treefrog Games

Mythotopia is a good game. Good game, bad name ! I was intrigued by A Few Acres of Snow, on which Mythotopia is heavily based, but never pulled the trigger. This time I did !mythotopia-cover-3d

What grabbed me was the combination of deckbuilding and wargame on what is a euro-game at heart. It’s a combination that I have been working with for some time as a designer (Since 2011 ! see the Renegade Designer Diary for more info), so I knew it was something I loved, and the theme was always going to be a winner – empire building, sea faring warriors and settlers in a fantasy setting.

Check out the film :

Box of Delights Video Playlists

Hi Bodders !

I wanted to let you know that I am in the process of adding the video playlists onto this site under the “Video Playlists” menu item.


You should find a link to each series in the drop-down menu or, if you click on the top-level “Video Playlists” menu item, you can find them all on one page, hopefully in some kind of order !

Thanks for continuing to support the show,

best wishes, Rick, Box of Delights