Shadowrun: Crossfire

1-4 player deck-building co-op.

This is an interesting game combining a new set of mechanisms to the deck-building concept:

– you start with a short deck of 7 cards
– you are looking for ways to power-up your deck, with less focus on purging your deck
– there are only a few turns, so your deck does not get large
– you buy cards from a random “black market” of 6 cards.
– your cards are not the commodity you use to buy more cards – this is done with “Nuyen”, the game’s currency, which you earn by defeating obstacles.
– cards have an Assist effect, which can play on other people’s turns.
– the game includes permanent character progression, like the Pathfinder card game.

The game is very hard. Play a couple of games to get used to the rules, then cut yourself some slack and boost your character with 5 Karma.

One criticism: the obstacles are very imbalanced: you may get dealt an easy game, or a tough game.

Here’s the film.. enjoy !


In this video Box of Delights presents Timeline from Asmodee and Esdevium Games.

This is a real family favourite. We probably play this more than any other game as a family, as it is quick to play and is a a good little quiz-type game.

We hope you like it too…