Tannhäuser Solitaire

Tannhäuser is a miniatures game for board-gamers ! The pathfinding system removes all that tape-measure and line-of-sight business and makes it palatable for us board-gamers.

In this feature presentation we look at the solitaire variant, demonstrate game-play and show your how you might want to “tweak” the rules…


Behind the Lens… What’s coming up on BoD ?

I have a few treats lined up for you… here are some highlights of what you will be seeing over the coming month….

Darkest Night Ep 6The Darkest Night series continues. I plan to release this one, one turn at a time, so it gives viewers that long series feel, and in small 10 min slots, so it’s easy to watch :O) Episode 6 is in the can, and it’s not getting any easier !

Tannhauser Solitaire Next in the can and under edit is a “bodcast” for the Solitaire Variants page. This time it’s “Tannhåuser” but the variant is official… Yes, you can play this one solo, but I like to tweak it a little. So stay tuned for this one…

Apex Therapod Deck-building gameAlso coming soon is a preview for an upcoming release that I am really excited about. The designer has done all this himself, has funded via Kickstarter, and is one heck of an artist. Oh, and it’s all about dinosaurs! Look out for the Apex Therapod Deck-Building Game…

GreenlandAnd finally, but still pending arrival, one for the scientists, because it’s the latest game from respected designer Phil Ekland, of “Bios” fame. This time it’s a wonderful looking game, with a very engaging theme, with players (1-3) struggling to survive in Greenland in the 11th-15th centuries. Can’t wait to get this one on the table…

Lots to look forward to. Stick with Box of Delights to see them play out.

Oh, I almost forgot…. this one is coming very soon too…..

Battle of Five Armies

Exciting huh ?!


Behind the Lens…. Villainous vikings

You guys have been giving me some great ideas for new features for the website. This really is an opportunity for me to do and share some new things with you.

One theme that came through was some focus on solo games, and sharing some experiences and variants. I also thought it would be a good place to show you “behind the lens” – an insight into how Box of Delights is put together. Just titbits… you like gaming after all, not making videos !

Combining both ideas, here is a shot of my filming a special presentation for boxofdelights.net, of a solo variant for Villainous Vikings from VPG. We’ll call it a “first draft” and invite you to comment and give some ideas, and then we can develop a solo variant together . Brilliant ! I get something of a bonus from it too ! Keep an eye out for the video, coming soon on Box of Delights…   Behind the lens for Villainous Vikings


Link to the video : http://youtu.be/c6WQsLVVduU

Darkest Night – Episode 5 !

The Darkest Night play-through series continues with episode 5, turn 5. The game is being brutal to us, the team is disorganised, the Knight has been left adrift searching the swamp, the Crusader has been ineffectual and it’s time for the Scout to step it up. The Priest has been carrying the team and is left to deal with the Desecration that is causing the game to run away from us. Can we regroup and turn things around ? Let’s see….

Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island

Ignacy Trzewiczek’s Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island is one of my favourite solitaire games. It just happens to be great in good company too.

Back in October 2012 Box of Delights recorded an instructional play-through of the first scenario, “Castaways”, in which you are first found stranded on an island,  must collect wood to build a large signal fire and secure your rescue before the end of the 12th night.